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This is an HTML simulation built from actual screen-shots of the latest version of VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS). 
You can click the buttons as if you were using the software.    The screen-shots were done using Microsoft
Windows 7 with the "Aero" style.  If you are not using W7 Aero, expect the screens to look different but the functions will be the same.  

This screen appears when you start VCDS by clicking the shortcut on your Desktop or by selecting VCDS from the Start Menu.

On this screen, you have 8 buttons that you can click with your mouse:



[SRI Reset]





[Exit] (This closes the VCDS program)

In the actual VCDS program, all buttons except Options and About will be grayed-out until you have Tested and Saved your port settings on the Options screen.

Click on the buttons in the screen shots to "navigate" through this manual.

You can also use the "Manual Index" below (scroll down).

To go back to the Ross-Tech Home Page, click the [Exit]  button


Manual Index

  Main Screen  (you are here)
       Select Control Module
            Open Controller Screen
                 Fault Codes - 02 (DTCs)
                 Meas. Blocks - 08 (Measuring Blocks)
                    Data Logging
                 Single Reading - 09
                 Supp. Codes - 18 (Supported Codes)
                 Readiness - 15
                 Advanced ID - 1A
                 Adv. Meas. Values (Advanced Measuring Values)
                 Acceleration Measurement
                 Login-11 / Coding II - 11
                      7-digit PIN/SKC Dialog
                 Basic Settings - 04
                 Output Tests - 03
                 Coding - 07
                 Installation List
                 Adaptation - 10 / Long Adaptation - 0A
                 Security Access - 16
                 Crafter/LT3 functions
       Auto Scan
       SRI Reset
            Transport Mode
            Controller Channels Map
            EDC-15 Mileage
            Optical Bus Diagnostics
       Appendix A: Revision History & Issues
       Appendix B: FAQ


We also have a 76 sheet Printable Manual that you can download.

Printable Manual ( ~5 MB)
This printable version is from 2015 so it will not contain the latest information found in our online manual.
Download PDF Format VCDS Manual
(Right-Click on the above link and select "Save Target As..")
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the Manual,
if you don't have it you can get it here

You should tell your PDF reader to "Fit to Printable Area" or use similar instructions
 when printing in order to make the images and text as legible as possible.

                Online Demo / Manual

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