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Frequently Asked Questions -- Index

Page 1:  General Pre-Purchase Questions

1.1    Will VCDS work with my car?

1.2    Will VCDS work even if my car is "chipped"?

1.3    What functions are included in the current release?

1.4    What  are the computer requirements?

1.5    Should I get a Serial or USB interface?

1.6    What if the PC I wish to use with VCDS doesn't have Internet access?

1.7    Can I use VCDS on a desk-top computer?

1.8    Will there be a Mac or Linux version?

1.9   Will there be a version for iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7?

1.10  What's the difference between VCDS and an OBD-II Scan-Tool?

1.11  Can I use VCDS to roll back my electronic odometer?

1.12  Can I use VCDS to "Flash" the Chip in my ECU?

1.13  Is there anything else I need to make full use of VCDS?

1.14  What versions of Windows does VCDS work on?

1.15  Will VCDS work on Windows 10?

1.16  Will VCDS work on Microsoft Surface tablets?

Page 2:  New User Questions

2.1    How do I Register/Activate my software?

2.2    What's the difference between the Shareware and fully registered?

2.3    Is Product Support included in the price?

2.4    Why can't I get VCDS to communicate at all?

2.5    VCDS communicates, but it's "flaky"..

2.6    Why does my dash BEEP when I access my ABS controller?

2.7    Are there any Fault Codes that can and should be ignored?

2.8    Are there any known Bugs/Problems/Issues?

2.9    What's the Work Shop Code?

2.10  What's with those DEBUG files?

Page 3:  Interface & Activation questions

3.1    Do I need an Interface Adapter?

3.2    Can I use one I already have?

3.3    Can I buy one someplace else?

3.4    Can I build my own?

3.5    Why does VCDS require Registration/Activation?

3.6    What if I need to run VCDS on more than one PC?

3.7    How do I permanently move VCDS from one PC to another?

3.8    What's the De-Activate button for? Why would I want to do that?

3.9    Why has VCDS become De-Activated on its own?

3.10  Can I sell my VCDS system to someone else?

Page 4:  Miscellaneous Questions

4.1    Why and How should I test VCDS-Lite prior to Activating it?

4.2    Can I use VCDS while I am driving?

4.3    What is "The Aftermarket Radio Problem"?

4.4    How do I update my existing VCDS software to the newest version?

4.5    What is the purpose of the "OBD-II" button? Why would I want to press it?

4.6    How do I print screens or data in VCDS?

4.7    What are Label Files?

4.8    How can I speed up my sample rate in VCDS?

4.9    What kinds of cool stuff can I do with VCDS? (or "How do I ...?)

4.10  How do I set up my USB Interface?

4.11  Does Ross-Tech make diagnostic software for other makes of cars?

4.12  Can I use VCDS to retrieve my Radio Code to get it out of "SAFE" mode?

4.13  Does VCDS work with cars that require direct CAN access for diagnostics?

4.14  Can I use VCDS to make my windows roll up and down using my remote?

4.15  How do I obtain an SKC for Immobilizer and Key-Matching functions?

4.16  How do I use my Ross-Tech interface with software made by other companies?

Page 6:  The HEX-NET Interface

6.1    What's a HEX-NET?

6.2    What's the difference between the Personal and the Unlimited versions?

6.3    Why would you make a Personal version that's limited to 10 cars?!

6.4    So what about older cars that don't know their VINS, how do you keep track of those?

6.5    Can the Personal version be upgraded to the Unlimited one?

6.6    What do the 3 LEDs on the HEX-NET indicate?

6.7    How do I configure the WiFi?

6.8    How do I get the classic Windows-based VCDS program working with the HEX-NET?

6.9    I'm using Windows 8.1 and cannot talk to the HEX-NET reliably via USB?

6.10    Can I leave the HEX-NET in my car permanently?

6.11    Why won't my Android device stay connected to the HEX-NET in AP mode?

6.12    How do I update the HEX-NET?

6.13    How can I access files I have saved to VCDS-Cloud?

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F.A.Q Index
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