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VCDS-Mobile® makes diagnostics for VW/Audi for VW/Audi Group cars accessible via most modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is not an "App" for Android or any other OS. It is platform independent, meaning it can be used on any device that has WiFi and a modern browser.

A chart showing the currently supported functions can be found here.

In this video, we're running it on a Samsung Galaxy Note. We look at fault codes and measuring values on an ECU and ABS system which are on a test bench.

OK, stuff on a test bench isn't that convincing, right? Then let's go outside and look at some live data from a running car, in this case the wheel speeds and some other parameters from the ABS of the Audi A3 you see in this video:

A few people have asked, "Hey both those devices are running Android, this doesn't look to be platform independent?" So for the iFans out there, here it is on an iPhone:

And this is how you do an Auto-Scan with VCDS-Mobile:

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