Discontinued Ross-Tech Interfaces

Over the years, Ross-Tech has supplied a number of different Interfaces (the hardware needed to connect a PC to your car) for VCDS. One end of the interface plugs into the a Serial (RS232) or USB port on your PC. The other end plugs directly into the OBD-II port present in all 1996 and newer VW/Audi passenger vehicles or into many 1990-1995 (pre OBD-I) cars with an optional 2x2 Adapter.

All of these are good Interfaces that have served their owners well. They have been replaced by newer Interfaces with new features and support for new vehicles, but they all still hold a special place in our hearts. :-)

Interface Upgrades:   

Our newer interfaces are available as upgrades to all registered VCDS users. Original purchasers can trade in any of the above discontinued Interfaces toward one of our current Interfaces. Click this link for more information about Interface Upgrades

Audis that require Dual K-Lines: 

  • All  B6/8E chassis A4's with Xenon headlights.   

  • All 2002-2004 4B-Chassis A6 models, including the Allroad.   


Found in our ISO-COM Interface and many 3rd party diagnostic interfaces. Interfaces based on Optocouplers are slow and do not produce a clean wave-form on the car's data (K) line. Interfaces based on Optocouplers also have issues when receiving data from the car.

"Difficult" older cars

Include those with 1991-1994 Audi TDI engines which run the diagnostic protocols at 240 (yes, two hundred forty) bits per second,  1993-1994 Audi 2.6L engines with Hella ECU's, as well as any older car that has the "Check Engine" light connected to the L-Line (check wiring diagrams -- we don't have an exact list). 

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