Communications Interfaces

Ross-Tech can supply two different Interfaces (the hardware needed to connect a PC to your car).

Both of our current interfaces are universal on the car-side, supporting all VW/Audi Group passenger cars from 1996 to current, including k-line and CAN-Bus diagnostics. Both will also work with many 1990-1995 (OBD-I) cars, but these may require the optional "2x2"cabling adapter.

Both interfaces can be plugged into any standard USB port on a PC. However the HEX-NET can also be used with VCDS wirelessly via WiFi, and it gives you access to VCDS-Mobile, while the HEX-V2 is strictly for use with VCDS on a Windows PC via USB.

This generation of interfaces is much faster on modern, CAN-based cars than any of our now discontinued legacy interfaces.

The following Comparison Chart may also help:

Hex-V2 hex-net
USB Connectivity Yes Yes
WiFi Connectivity No Yes
Includes VCDS-Mobile No Yes
DoIP Support No Yes
Works with
Modern Lamborghini
No Yes
Available 3-VIN
Enthusiast Version
Available 10-VIN
Enthusiast Version
Available Unlimited-VIN
Professional Version
No Yes

Each Interface is more fully described on a page of its own. Click on the pictures in the chart above to go to the respective page.

All VIN-Limited (enthusiast) interfaces are upgradable. 3-VIN to 10-VIN or 10-VIN to Unlimited at a cost of $169. Our VIN-Limited Interface FAQ may also be of interest.

To order any of our products, head for our store. or contact one of our many authorized resellers world-wide.

VCDS also works with many 1990-1995 (pre OBD-I) cars, but these may require the optional "2x2"cabling adapter. This 2x2 adapter works with any of the above Interfaces. The 2x2 adapter is shown to the left and a 2x2 port in a car is shown to the right.

$50 USD
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