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Online Demo / Manual- Transport Mode

The [Transport Mode] function found in the Applications Screen is used in some vehicles using CAN for diagnostics, to Activate or De-activate a special Transport Mode that is used by the factory to put the cars into a "sleep" mode to conserve battery charge during long periods of inactivity.

[Activate Transport Mode]
Clicking this button will put applicable vehicles into Transport Mode, shutting down most systems.

[De-Activate Transport Mode]
Clicking this button will "wake up" applicable vehicles from Transport Mode, powering up most system.

These functions are only available when using professional-grade interfaces.

On some early CAN-based cars, Transport Mode cannot be re-enabled once the car has more than 150km on the odometer.

In the B7 Audi A4, Transport Mode works a little differently since this car does not have a CAN Gateway. To take the car out of transport mode, go into
[17 Instruments]
[Adaptation - 10]
Enter channel 99
Put in a new value of 0

Most recent cars with Gateways that use UDS can use instructions similar to these Golf 7 Transport Mode instructions.

Use [Done, Go Back] to return to the Main screen

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