The Applications screen contains several handy functions, each of which are described on their own page. Click each of the buttons to be taken to the appropriate function page.

The [eMail today's debug/log files] button will open up your default email client, and will compose a message to with all of the log files and debug files with the current date.

The [Upload debug/log files] button will open up your default browser to a special page that allows you upload files and email them to even if you do not have an email client installed.

The [Benchmark] button will run a test on your PC with the interface connected (try both USB and WiFi if you have a HEX-NET), to test the speed of Mlines per second and pings per second. This should show you how fast it should be able to do things like load ROD files, and whether the PC will be a limitation for measuring block speeds. For both units, a higher number is better.

Use [Done, Go Back] to return to the Main screen.

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