Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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- Open Controller Screen  

This screen will appear when VCDS is attempting to establish communications with a Control Module.

Comm Status
Shows the status of the current communications session.  Once communications have been established:

  • IC= Shows the number of times the session has been initialized. If IC increases beyond 1, communications are less than 100% reliable.

  • TE= Counts transmitter errors within individual packets. TE greater than 0 can indicate unreliable communication.

  • RE= Counts receive errors within individual packets. RE greater than 0 can indicate unreliable communication.

  • Latency= Shows milliseconds of delay in responses received by VCDS. This only becomes a concern when connecting via WiFi. <=150 : green, <=500: yellow, >500: red

  • Protocol indicates whether the controller speaks KWP-1281, KWP-2000, CAN, or UDS.

  • A rotating cursor shows that communication is active.

Controller Info
Once the communications session has been established, all of the Control Module’s "Identification" data is presented here.

  • VAG Number is the VW/Audi part number for this controller.  All of the digits, both numbers and letters, make up the part number. In some cases this number may be different from the number on the sticker on the module itself, specifically if the module has been reflashed by a dealer per a service campaign.

  • Component contains more identification information about the controller and may contain a version number for the controller's internal firmware. The firmware level is also known as the software version for the controller. In the above example, the software version is 0010 since these are the digits shown at far right in the Component field.

  • Soft. Coding is the Software Coding that determines various options for the controller. Note: Some older Control Modules are not "codeable" and you may see a Bosch part number or other information in this field. In modules that use Long Coding you will need to click on the [Coding - 07] button to see the current Coding value.

  • Shop # identifies the WorkShopCode ( WSC ) stored in the scan-tool that last Recoded this Control Module.

  • The Extra fields can show VIN and Immobilizer information or slave controller part numbers in some vehicles.

Basic Functions
This grouping of "Safe" functions are used to read various data from the Control Module without making any changes. 

Advanced Functions
These functions are capable of making various changes to the Control Module. You should refer to the Factory Repair Manual for your particular car (or to other documented procedures) before "playing" with these functions. It is completely possible to render your vehicle inoperable or damage components if you make changes in this section without the correct information and training. You can click on each of the buttons in this on-line Demo for more information on the individual functions.

VCDS checks which functions are supported by each control module and enables the buttons for supported functions only.   It is normal for some buttons to be grayed out on some control modules.   This is an indication that the control module in question doesn't support those functions. You can click on each of the buttons in this on-line Demo for more information on the individual functions.

Use [Close Controller, Go Back] to properly close the communications session and return to the Select Control Module screen.

                Online Demo / Manual
- Open Controller Screen 


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