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Corresponds to VAG 1551/1552 function 03

The Output Tests function is used to test a Control Module's Electrical Outputs (and the wiring that connects it to the various devices).

Output Tests under KWP-2000/CAN/UDS includes simultaneous measuring data when available from the control module in question.

To begin Output Tests, and to progress through each step, click [Start/Next]. In some cases an [Activate] button will appear, depending on the specifics of the control module.


Selective Output Tests. On those modules that support it, this is a more sophisticated version of the traditional (sequential) Output Test function. It allows the user to select a particular output and activate it directly without going through a pre-defined sequence to get there. Some modules (including those using UDS) have outputs which can only be tested this way. Selective Output tests requires supporting data in a label file. There is no way to efficiently query a control module to find out which outputs are supported.

Screenshot of VCDS Selective Output Tests 1

Screenshot of VCDS Selective Output Tests 2

Screenshot of VCDS Selective Output Tests 3

Advanced Measuring Values can be displayed during Output Tests in UDS/ODX modules. Check the Advanced Measuring Values function page for more information. This can be handy to verify that certain outputs are functioning as intended:

Screenshot of VCDS Output Tests Select Meas Values


Screenshot of VCDS Output Tests warning screen

For example, in the VW Touareg, a specific procedure must be performed to be able to start the vehicle if Output Tests on the Airbag Controller have been performed. .

Use [Done, Go Back] to return to the Controller Info / Select Function screen.

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