The [SRI Reset] function is used to reset the Service Reminder in vehicles so equipped. The function will automatically access the Instrument Cluster and will retrieve SRI instructions from the Label File as well as current values stored in the Cluster. New values can be entered by hand, or the user can select the drop-down list to choose from a number of functions which will load standard value sets.

The [Save to logfile] button can be useful when there are questions about or difficulties with the SRI function as it's an easy way to send us a snapshot of what's going on. Data is saved to the Session Log.

Upon clicking [Perform SRI] the new values will be stored in the (often less than intuitive) sequence required. After cycling the ignition, the cluster should no longer indicate that service is due.

Screenshot of VCDS SRI complete

Note: The Service Reminder Function requires supporting data in Label files. VCDS ships with a fairly comprehensive set, but we doubt we've managed to cover every possible car. If you encounter a car that has Service Reminders (not all cars have this) for which the SRI Reset function is not accessible, please send us a map of the Adaptation channels from the Instrument Cluster in that car.

Models using flexible service intervals may show "---" as values for the time/distance to the next service in the instrument cluster. This is not an error. The system requires a certain time/distance to calibrate itself to show meaningful values, usually this takes about 300 miles or 500 km.

In many newer Audi models (2008 onward), the default "Simple Service Reset" or "Basic Service Reset" choice cannot be used. Instead, you must pick the appropriate choice for your region, for example "#2 Mileage based Service Reset (USA)".

On the latest cars using UDS/ODX diagnostic protocols for the Instrument Cluster, the SRI Reset function may only show choices for oil change "Reset ESI / OIL,(North America) or (Rest of World second service and later)" and time based service "Reset FIX&ESI / INSP,(North America) or (Rest of World second service and later)". You should refer to the owner's manual and your country's requirements.

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