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       HEX-NET Interface
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HEX-NET related Downloads

HEX-NET WiFi Configuration Utility

There is an OS independent WiFi configuration utility.  It communicates with the HEX-NET via USB and thus allows configuring the HEX-NET's WiFi profiles even when it's not possible to establish WiFi connection with it. 

It is a .JAR file (written in Java) and requires Java 1.7 or later to run.  If you do not already have Java 1.7 or later installed, you can get it here.    

On Windows or MacOS with Java installed, just double click the file you've downloaded to run the utility. If it opens in an archive manager, you probably do not have java installed or configured properly.

On Linux, depending on your usb settings, this may need to be run as root.
' sudo java -jar HexNetConfig.jar '

The current version is included in the current VCDS installer and can also be found in this thread in our forum:

VCDS-Mobile Android App

Even though VCDS-Mobile really just needs a browser instead of an app, these apps (which are basically repackaged browsers) have a handy utility to find and identify a HEX-NET on a wireless network (either Access Point or Infrastructure mode).   You can get it here from the Google Play Store,

... or  you can side-load from one of the following links:
For android 2.1 - 2.3 with ad-hoc: here

For android 3.0 - 4.1+: here

In order to side-load, "Allow unknown sources" must be enabled on your device before you can install these apps. If you have a previous version of the app installed, you may need to manually uninstall it "Settings -> Apps -> VCDSmobile -> Uninstall" before you can install the new version.

VCDS-Mobile iOS App

 We now have an iOS app in Apple's App Store

VCDS "Classic" (for Windows):

The VCDS current release supports the HEX-NET, both via WiFi and USB.

       HEX-NET Interface
          F.A.Q.    Downloads

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