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Intelligent Dual-K plus CAN  <-> RS-232 Interface
(Out of production -- no longer available)

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  • Serial connection, ideal for older, low-cost laptops or most desktop PCs.
    A USB-port version was also available; click here for full specs.

  • Compatible with all the latest cars which require a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.

  • Fully backwards compatible with older cars using a single K-line or
    K plus L.

  • Protocol timing indistinguishable from a real VAG/VAS tool.  Works reliably even with "difficult" control modules such as the 1991-1994 1Z Audi TDIs and the 1993-1994 Audi 2.6L with Hella ECU.

  • Built-In VAG-Saver functionality -- instantly alerts the user if either the K/K1 line or the L/K2 line is shorted to Ground or Vbatt.

  • Full support for dual-K lines found in "new" (B6/8E chassis Audi A4 and 2002+ Audi A6 -- no VAS-6017 required -- no manual switches!

  • Bi-Color (red/green) status/activity LED

  • 12 month guarantee against defects.

This interface comes with an OBD-II type connector which plugs right in to most 1994 and newer VW's and 1996 and newer Audis.   Most 1990-1995 Audis and 1990-1993 VW's have the "2x2" data link connector, click here for more info.


This interface works with all diagnostic-capable VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models from 1990 through 2010. 

Computer Requirements:  

We recommend at least a 200 MHz Pentium (or AMD equivalent) with 64 MB of RAM and Windows 2000 or newer. with an available Serial port.   Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 are all fine.    As of version 10.6, we no longer support Windows 95, 98, ME or NT4. If your PC does not have an available Serial port, you should get the HEX-USB+CAN instead.

Extending this Interface:

The cable on this adapter is about 6 feet long -- just right for most laptops.   If you want to use this interface with a desktop PC, you will need a standard serial (DB9M to DB9F) extension cord.   We usually stock extensions in 15' (3m).   See the Accessories Section of our Store for pricing.


This interface acts as a "dongle" for VAG-COM, so the software should be fully functional on any PC you use with the HEX-COM+CAN.  However, product support is provided only to the original purchaser.  If you buy a second-hand HEX-COM+CAN from someone and want support, you'll still need to pay $99 to register.


This interface should should be used with the latest version of VCDS software.  


We do not sell any interfaces as "Stand-Alone" products.   We only sell them with our VCDS software.

How to order:

Out of production, no longer available.

       Discontinued Interfaces



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