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Intelligent Dual-K plus CAN <-> USB or WiFi Interface

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  • PC connectivity with VCDS via WiFi or USB
  • Includes VCDS-Mobile bringing VW/Audi diagnostics to devices such as smartphones and tablets. A chart showing the currently supported functions can be found here.
  • Compatible with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi passenger cars from 1996 to current; K, K+L, dual-K, or CAN.
  • Suppliled with a detachable, standard USB-A to USB-B ("printer") cable.
  • Modern 32-bit micro-controller and fully updateable firmware.
  • Three bi-color (red/green) satus/activity LEDs
  • 12 month guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials.
  • Includes an embedded license for VCDS and thus acts as a "dongle" for the software, allowing the software to be used and installed on any compatible PC.
  • Available now, in our store and from many of our distributors.

This interface terminates in an OBD-II type connector that plugs right in to most 1995 and newer VW's and 1996 and newer Audis.   It is also compatible with many 1990-1995 Audis and 1990-1994 VW's have the "2x2" data link connector, click here for more info.


HEX-NET Introduction Video HEX-NET Hardware Video HEX-NET WiFi Setup Video
HEX-NET Registration Video HEX-V2 Firmware Update Video


This interface works with all diagnostic-capable VW-Audi Group passenger cars from 1990 through current, except it does NOT fully support the following vehicles:
  • Routan vans -- All years. These are re-badged Chryslers and don't use VW's diagnostic protcols.
  • Some 1991-1994 Audi TDI engines with ECUs that communicate at 240bps.

  • Computer Requirements:  

    We recommend at least a 1 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer.  Slower computers or Windows 2000, XP, and Vista may work but are not officially supported.   Windows 8. 8.1, or 10 on a machine robust enough to support the respective operating system are also fine. 

    WiFi Requirements:  

    To use the HEX-NET wirelessly, it needs to communicate via 802.11 b/g at 2.4 GHz. This means that for Access Point mode, the client device with the web browser (laptop computer, tablet, etc.) needs to support 802.11 b/g at 2.4 GHz. To use the HEX-NET in Infrastructure mode, both the client device and the router that is connected to the Internet need to support 802.11 b/g at 2.4 GHz. Specifically, 5 GHz WiFi is not supported nor are channels 12 and 13 supported.

    Extending this Interface:

    The cable supplied with this interface is about 6 feet long -- just right for most laptops.    If you need more distance than that, well, it's a WiFi interface! ;-)


    In most cases, interfaces purchased directly from Ross-Tech will be pre-registered. Interfaces purchased from our authorized resellers must be registered within 10-15 uses to remain functional.   Registration is accomplished on-line using a utility supplied with VCDS.


    This interface acts as a "dongle" for VCDS, so the software should be fully functional on any PC you use with the HEX-V2.  However, product support is provided only to the original registered user.  If you buy a second-hand HEX-USB+CAN from someone and want support, you'll still need to pay $99 to re-register the interface in your name..


    The HEX-NET should be used with the latest version of our VCDS software.     The HEX-NET does not have the ability  to emulate a dumb serial pass-through interface and thus unlikely to be compatible with any software other than VCDS.

    Driver Installation:

      The HEX-NET enumerates as an HID device and does not require a special driver. However, there are some HID power management quirks in 8.1 and newer fixed by installing a device-specific "driver" (actually just an INF file) supplied with the VCDS installer.

      When used with VCDS on a PC via WiFi, Windows Firewall may ask you to allow traffic from VCDS. If this happens, you should allow it. There is also an "Open Windows Firewall for HEX-NET via WiFi" option in the VCDS-Installer that can and should be selected to pre-allow the connection.

    How to order:

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                             HEX-NET F.A.Q.    Downloads

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