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Current Beta

Important Note: Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before making a new Release.    

Beta 17.6.0 included the following improvements:

  • Everything that was in the previous Beta versions 17.2 - 17.5
    ... However, that page was getting excessively long long.

  • Support for "Experimental" Coding Descriptions
    ... Historically, all coding descriptions have come from the Label files that are installed with VCDS. These files are produced and reviewed manually. But with the proliferation of control modules in the latest models, it has become difficult to keep up with that work, so rather than make customers wait until everything has been verified, we are making "Raw" or "Experimental" data available.

    When the only coding data available for a module is the "Experimental" kind, VCDS will warn that this is the case and ask whether it should be used:

    Clicking the [Yes] button will then open the Experimental data in the Long Coding Helper, which will have a yellow background (as opposed to the usual light turquoise) as an additional reminder that the data being presented is raw, unreviewed, and "Experimental":

    If both "Experimental" and Verified coding data is available, VCDS will ask whether "Experimental should be used:

    Clicking the [No] button will result in the the Verified data being sent to LCode, which will then be its usual light turquise color:

    However, if the user had clicked [Yes], VCDS would present the and additional MessageBox with a reminder that the data about to be sent to LCode is experimental, followed by that data being shown in LCode with a yellow background:

  • New ROD data set (DS274) 
    ... with various improvements including the "experimental" coding data.

  • Progress indicator on Select button 
    ... when retrieving MQB/MLBEvo subGVLs.

  • A number of squashed bugs: 
    - Fix zombie behavior after saving UDS some very large ADP channels
    - Fix not able to search for IDE numbers in Advanced Measuring Values
    - Allow equipment numbers up to 999999 everywhere
    - Fix drop in comms after long coding certain modules
    - Fix errors clearing DTCs at address 31 with BRP dual ECUs
    - Fix missing freeze frame for 2nd ECU at address 31 (BRP)

Beta 17.7.0 includes the following improvements:

  • New ROD data set (DS276) 

  • Support for new HEX-V2 serial number range 

  • Auto-Scan speed improvements in K-Line cars 
    ... HEX-NET and HEX-V2 should now (with CB v0.4401 or higher, which is required) be somewhat faster than the HEX+CAN interfaces even on K-Line cars.

  • Overhaul of HEX-NET/HEX-V2 generic OBD-II code. 

  • Display of GVL retrieval progress on Select button for MQB/MLB-II. 

  • Display UDS Chassis info at top of Auto-Scan. 

  • More squashed bugs:
    - Fix for UDS Output tests not working correctly in previous Beta
    - Fix missing voltage in Auto-Scan after using GVL or broadcast Clear
    - Fix potentially missing UDS freeze frame due to internal ROD loading order
    - Fix Autodetect fallback (models without a gateway) not working with HN/HV2
    - Fix delay after making a controller map with HN/HV2

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Ross-Tech's Intelligent Interfaces.

  • Default installation location is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS-Beta\
    If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 17.1.

  • Works on Windows XP and newer, including Windows 10.
    Either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows are fully supported.  It might still work on Windows 2000 as well, but we no longer consider any version of Windows older than  XP "supported."

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.


Beta 17.x is no longer available for download.
All new features and improvements have been
incorporated into our Current Release.

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