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Beta 401.2 included the following new features:

  • Support for our new KEY-COM and KEY-USB interfaces.   These interfaces bring dongle functionality to our enthusiast grade interfaces and are available immediately.

  • Support for the upcoming HEX+CAN interfaces.   These interfaces should be available in February and will be compatible with the new Golf-5 based cars (Golf-5, VW Touran, new Audi A3) as well as the new Audi A8, all of which require a direct-CAN connection to access modules other than the engine.

  • Allows Labels to be defined for Adaptation Channels.   These are displayed with each adaptation channel:

  • Allows Labels to be defined for Measuring Block 000.  Due to space constraints on the screen, these labels are displayed in a "balloon" when the user clicks on a field:

  • Allows a third label field to be defined for each of the normal measuring block fields.   This label is displayed in a balloon when the user clicks on the field.  The idea is to put "specified values" in this field:

  • Allows Coding Charts to be included in Label Files.  Up to 20 lines of coding data can be included in a Label File.   This data is shown in a balloon on the coding screen (if VAG-COM is fully registered/activatated).

  • When coding new Airbag Modules in many VW models, VAG-COM can "Suggest" an appropriate Coding value.  This feature is available only when VAG-COM is used with one of our Professional Grade interfaces.    Disclaimer:  We cannot guarantee that the coding which VAG-COM may suggest will be correct, but there should be no harm in trying it.  If it's not correct, the control module should simply refuse to accept it and the coding will remain at 00000.

  • Potential fix the for long-standing 6Q0-909-605-A Airbag Problem.    Although the root cause of the problem is definitely a bug in the module's firmware, we think we finally figured out why these modules have a greater propensity for setting the 65535 code when accessed with VAG-COM than with the dealer's tools, and how to avoid this.     While we are certain that we have identified one thing that can cause the 65535 DTC to set, we cannot be certain that we have identified everything that could cause it.  So the standard warning message will remain in VAG-COM, at least for the time being.   In addition, if VAG-COM has any difficulties connecting to the airbag, you may see a screen like this.  If you see this screen, please do exactly what it tells you!


  • Several improvements to Adaptation and Output Test functions on late-model cars.    Release 311.2 had a problem with not enabling the [Save] button when doing channel 50 adaptations for matching Immo-3 components.    Previous versions 308.0-311.0 had some issues with doing adaptations on Touareg suspension module (address 34).    Also Output Test on Touareg climate control didn't display all available data.

  • Updated USB drivers.    Improved compatibility with Suspend mode and other power management issues on some laptops.

Beta 402.3 included the following new features:

  • Names of control modules now displayed in Auto Scan and Control Module Finder Results:


  • Allows a help chart for Adapation Values to be included in Label Files.   This help chart is displayed in a balloon:


  • New Label TEMPLATE file.   Explains how to use the new features supported in Label Files beginning with the previous Beta.

  • Gateway Installation List function in AutoScan.    Usually available only on Gateways in cars using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics (new A8 and all Golf-5 chassis cars).  This very fast function takes about 3 seconds to query the car's Gateway to find out what modules are installed in the car and what their status is.   Any modules having fault codes should show a "Malfunction".    Modules are directly accessible from this screen by double clicking on the appropriate line.   The following screen-shot is from a Golf-5 in Europe:

  • Long Coding.  This function is needed to Code some control modules (especially Gateways) in the newest cars.   Due to the complexity of Long Coding strings (up to 255 bytes of hexadecimal data) we've accomodated (and urge) the use of Copy & Paste in this function:


  • Auto-Scan printouts automatically loads VIN on all cars with Immo-3.

  • A number of new Label fines,  including about a dozen for the 4D-chassis A8/S8 thanks to David Eaton.

  • A number of minor bug-fixes.  Thanks to everyone who reported "glitches" in the previous Beta!

Beta 403.1 included the following new features:

  •  Auto Scan shows control modules with faults in red. 

  • Double-clicking on any control module name in the Auto-Scan list takes you directly to the Fault-Code screen for that module.


  • Function 16 (Security Access) now supports 7-Digit SKCs.   This is needed for Immobilizer Functions (such as key programming) on the latest vehicles like the Touareg:

  • Improved compatibility with a number of new control modules such as Bosch 5.7 ABS/ESP, and fix for occasional dropped sessions when running measuring blocks on direct CAN Gateways. 

  • New CSV File Converter Utility makes it easy to convert Log Files for use with non-English versions of Excel which get confused by comma delimiters.

  • Revised Activations.   Users with "dumb" interfaces will require a new activation.    Activations are now supplied as a small file which must be placed in the folder where VAG-COM is installed.

  • A number of new and improved label files.

All features introduced in Beta versions 401.2, 402.3,
and 403.1 have now been incorporated into Release 404.0
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