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Beta 500.x   

Beta 500.x includes the following new features:

  • CAN Filtering  for compatibility with control modules in the "facelift' Audi A4 which require direct CAN connection.    This is transparent to the user.

  • SAVE function on AutoScan screen writes results of an Auto-Scan to a file (for those people who don't understand how to use the COPY button and then paste into another application).

  • Generic OBD-II functionality.  Because many of VW's recent factory repair manuals no longer have traditional 01-Engine "On Board Diagnostic" information and have replaced it with "Generic Scan Tool" data, this has become much more important than it was in the past.    For now, we'll let the screens speak for themselves.   Click the "Mode" buttons for an interactive demo:

(Simulation will only work if you have JavaScript enabled)

  • New Version 1.8 of VAG-Scope  able to graph generic OBD-2 Mode 1 data:


Release Notes:

  • Works only with Intelligent Interfaces (HEX or KEY series).   Users with older "dumb" interfaces should consider upgrading.

  • Supports Serial and USB interfaces, but does not work with Win-95 or NT4.    We will probably make a serial-only build which will run on Win-95 or NT4 when we make a full Release, but we're no longer supporting 10 year old operating systems in Beta versions.

  • Generic OBD-II functionality is "Supported" only on VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda cars.   It will likely work on many other brands of cars.   We'd be happy to receive feedback as to what other brands and models of cars it does and does not work on, however, we do not feel obligated to make it work on other manufacturer's cars.

  • Generic OBD-II functionality is limited to cars using ISO 9141-2 ("CARB"), ISO 14230 ("KWP-2000") and ISO-15765 ("CAN") protocols.    Our interfaces do not support the SAE J1850-VPW and J1850-PWM protocols used by most US-market GM and Ford products, so this cannot work on those cars.    Most early (1996-2000) OBD-II compatible Chrysler cars used ISO-9141-2.   Many newer Chrysler cars use SAE-J1850 and are incompatible.     Most European and Asian cars use ISO and should be compatible.    In US models, Generic OBD-II compatiblilty was required as of model year 1996.   In Canada, 1998.   In the European Market, 2001 (gasoline-powered)  and 2004 (diesel-powered).

  • Version 500.1 - 500.3  fixed some glitches.

  • Version 500.4  New AutoScan.txt, some new labels,  requires user to click [Test] on Options screen only upon initial installation and changing ports.   More generic OBD stability improvements.

  • Version 500.5  More generic OBD stability work, plus some secret stuff..:-)

  • Version 500.6  More generic OBD stability work, plus a fix for Control Module Finder which didn't work correctly on facelift (8EC chassis) A4.

  • Version 500.7  Adds OBD Mode 9 and additional OBD debugging capabilities.

  • Version 500.8  Fixed an incompatibility with certain TCU's using CAN for diagnostics.

  • Version 500.9  Adds support for new fault code methods required by certain new CAN ECUs, plus some other small improvements on the VAG side of things.


  • Beta 500.9 is no longer available for download.  

  • All features have been incorporated into our current Release


Beta 500.x