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Current Beta

Important Notes: Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before making a new Release.    

Beta 18.5.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Preliminary support for model-year 2019 cars
    ... specifically the MQB-based Jetta that is now available in North America.

  • Completely revised and revamped ASAM/ODX Data
    ... and changes to the VCDS software needed to accommodate it.

  • Adds a search box to the Auto-Scan's Chassis Selection function
    ... allowing the user to type a search phrase that will limit the ever-growing list of chassis codes in the drop-down:

  • Added support for new 16-bit "5 baud" control module addresses. 
    ... thankfully, they don't actually get sent at 5 baud. 

  • Added automatic re-read of channels in SRI
    ... allowing the post-SRI state to be saved for posterity.    

  • Fixed certain internal data size limitations
    ... that previously affected very large measuring value data.  

  • Improved session timeout detection
    ... and fixed delay when starting Auto-Scan after having previously accessed a module.

  • Fixed startup delay when PC is connected to a network without internet access.  

  • Allow for an arbitrary number of "zones" for flash counters in Advanced ID
    ... previously limited to 3 zones.

  • Fix for some late-model, southern-hemisphere cars that still require ECU access via K-Line.
    ... yes, seriously, 2017 model cars!

  • Warn when user attempts to "Reset all Adaptations" in UDS basic settings and adaptation
    ... some of these channels will wipe out a module's parameterization and it's a really bad idea to do that.

  • Improvements to 6R, 5N chassis detection

  • Improved automation of Transport Mode switching for UDS gateways
    ... for customers who seem to be incapable of searching for "Transport" in the gateway's adaptation channels.

  • Added VCIConfig to the system menu of main screen.
    ... also improved detection of "soft-bricked" HEX-NET and HEX-V2 interfaces to auto-launch VCIConfig:

  • Added the ability for a user to override automatic platform detection via MyAutoScan.txt
    ... intended primarily for people who retrofit UDS modules into cars where they don't belong, resulting in VCDS not finding a ROD file, but also also useful in those cases where VCDS might misidentify a platform due to unexpected VIN breaks. 

  • OBD-II maps now include Mode 9 data.

  • New version of Niels Ezerman's VCDSScan toolbox

Beta 18.5.2 added:

  • Fix for non-working [Config] button on Options screen.

  • Fix for changes to scripted Adaptation values not being logged properly

  • Allows UDS Adaptation Channels to be modified even when stored text index is invalid.
    ... along with a fix for such channels not being written to map files.

  • Enhanced debug output for UDS Adaptation.

  • Fix for a chassis-search related crash in Auto-Scan
    ... this only occurred when Windows had certain language code pages active, e.g. Chinese.

Beta 18.5.3 added:

  • Compatibility improvements for some unusual 3C Passats
    ... that had a proper CAN Gateway but an ECU and TCU that only respond on K-Line(!).

  • Made Advanced Measuring Values available from within UDS Basic Settings and Output Tests
    ... when using a current (HEX-NET or HEX-V2) interface. Screen shots illustrating this don't fit well on this page so if you're interested in seeing them, click here (imgur.com album).

Beta 18.5.4 added:

  • "Recommended" interface firmware levels
    ... We've always had minimum required firmware levels, and these remain, but with our current interfaces that have to be updated on-line, it can sometimes create difficulties for customers when they've updated their software but have forgotten or are unable to update their interface. So now VCDS will nag you (but contrinue to function) if you're at or above the required level but not yet at the recommended level:

  • "Pick-A-ROD" Capabilities
    ... primarily intended for all the retrofitters out there who install control modules in cars models that they were not originally intended to be in, which could cause VCDS to not load a ROD file because it can't determine which ROD file to use. Now VCDS will let the user choose one:

Beta 18.5.5 added:

  • Fix for ROD selection dialog appearing without reason
    ... when opening a module by double-clicking on it in the Auto-Scan window.

  • Increased the maximum number of possible for RODs presented for manual selection

  • Fix for VCDS not always matching a user's ROD selection.

Beta 18.7.0 added:

  • Fix for Windows auto-converting CR-LF pairs in SRILog.txt.

  • New ROD file dataset DS292 with support for latest model cars.

Beta 18.7.1 added:

  • New UDS ROD data (DS293).  

  • New/enhanced Label files (Data Version 20180731).  

Beta 18.7.2 adds:

  • New UDS ROD data (DS295).  

  • New/enhanced Label files (Data Version 20180808).  

  • New version of NEtechs VCDSScan Toolbox. 

  • Revised VIN persistence logic
      ... to prevent incorrect VINs from appearing in reports when moving from one car to another.

  • Detects state of Diagnostic Firewall
      ... and prompts user to open hood on vehicles where this is required.

  • A number optimizations and small bug-fixes.  

Release Notes:

  • Beta 18.5-18.7 works only with Ross-Tech's current HEX-NET and HEX-V2 interfaces.
    It will not work with any of our older, legacy interfaces.

    Support for legacy interfaces will be included again in the next Release version.

  • HEX-NET and HEX-V2 interfaces must be set to the Beta channel using VCIConfig.
    CB v0.4422 or higher is required to use this version of VCDS.
    Updating your interface will not affect compatibility with previous versions of VCDS.

  • Default installation location is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS-Beta\
    If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 18.2.

  • Works on Windows 7 and newer, including Windows 10.
    Either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows are fully supported.  It might still work on XP as well, but we no longer consider any version of Windows older than 7 to be "supported."

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.


Beta 18.7.2
Data Version 20180808 / DS295.0

Digitally signed self-installing .EXE file ~42 MB

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