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Current Beta

Important Note: Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before making a new Release.    

Beta 17.10.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Completely revised and revamped ASAM/ODX Data
    ... and changes to the VCDS software needed to accommodate it.

  • Ability to make OBD-II PID maps
    ... using address 33 in the Controller Channel Map function or via Debug Level 2 in an Auto-Scan.

  • Improved chasssis detection logic for 3C-VW46/VW48
    ... e.g. 2016+ VW CC models.

  • Fix KWP-2000 K-line Simos hang on freeze-frame retrieval

  • Logging dialog no longer on top of all windows, just VCDS itself

  • Remove debug file size limitation

  • Fix unable to enter letter 'q' in long adaptation

  • Improve VIN limitation handling

  • Immediately abort connection attempt when HEX-NET or HEX-V2 is not plugged into a car.

  • A "Must Register in N Uses" reminder
    ... for HEX-NET and HEX-V2 interfaces sold via distributors so that users aren't surprised when their interface stops working because they haven't registered yet.

  • A new version of VCIConfig
    ... that allows users to flip switch their interfaces between Release and Beta channels for updates:

Beta 17.12.0 adds the following improvements:

  • Additional Info for some Fault Codes from UDS modules
    ... most often "Missing Message" type codes. Example (the third line, in boldface, is new):

    0314 - Function Restricted due to Missing Message(s)

        U1111 00 [009] - -
        [Sensor fuer Luftfeuchte aussen: kein Signal / Kommunikation]
        Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

    Right now this data will most often appear in German, but it should become translatable at some point.   This new data is only available with current generation (HEX-NET or HEX-V2) interfaces.
  • New ODX data (DS285.1) to support the above.
    ... as well as some fixes for sub-system ("slave") modules descriptors.

  • New protocol option for HEX-NET & HEX-V2 Interfaces
    ... "Char Int 2k" replaces Char Int and controls interbyte timing in Kline-KWP2000. Makes VCDS compatible with Polo/Fabia ABS on virtualized K-line.

  • Automatic re-enabling of buttons that launch LCode and VC-Scope
    ... previously it was necessary to back out one level beyond the screen from which these were launched from if one wanted to re-launch them after they were closed.

  • Graphing and Logging are now available simultaneously
    ... when VCDS is used with a current-generation (HEX-NET or HEX-V2) interface.

  • New versions of Niels Ezerman's VCDSScan toolbox and LCode utilities

  • Fixes for sporadic "Invalid" values when reading grouped UDS measuring values.

  • Over a dozen new UDS addresses.

  • New & improved Label Files.

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Ross-Tech's Intelligent Interfaces.

  • If you are using a HEX-NET or HEX-V2 interface, you must set the update channel for your interface to "Beta" and update it before you can use this version of VCDS.

  • Default installation location is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS-Beta\
    If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 17.1.

  • Works on Windows 7 and newer, including Windows 10.
    Either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows are fully supported.  It might still work on XP as well, but we no longer consider any version of Windows older than 7 to be "supported."

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.


Beta 17.12 is no longer available for download.
All new features and improvements have been
incorporated into our Current Release.

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