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Current Beta   

Important Note: Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before producing a new Release. Make sure that you have also installed the latest Release on your machine as well so that you can revert back to using that if you encounter problems with the Beta.

Beta 812  includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Measuring Values for UDS/ODX/ASAM Control Modules. 
    These control modules do not support traditional VW/Audi "Blocks" or "Groups" of live data.   Instead, measuring values must be selected from a list via Advance Measuring Values.   Up to 12 values can be selected and viewed, graphed, or logged at the same time:   

                                                            Click for full-sized image

    This functionality requires a control module specific "data dictionary" file, so as new modules are introduced, it becomes more important than ever to be sure you are using the latest version (including the latest Data Version).

  • Support for new UDS addresses.    
    We believe that VCDS now supports addresses for all UDS control modules in production as of this writing. 

  • Support for TP1.6 CAN Protocol.
    Required by ABS system used in 6J Chassis Ibiza.   

  • The Select Control Module screen now shows "Installed" modules instead of "Common" modules.  
    On CAN based cars which have a proper Gateway that supports an Installation List, VCDS now shows exactly which modules are installed on the Select Control Module screen:

    It does take about 1.5 seconds to get the list from the Gateway, so a bit of a delay when clicking [Select] is normal/expected.   When used on a car which does not have a Gateway that supports an Installation List, the old-style "Common" tab will still be shown.    For customers who use VCDS primarily on older cars which do not have an Installation List available, this feature can be disabled on the User Interface and Identification tab of the Options screen.

  • Support for logging data simultaneously from both ECUs on cars using Dual ECUs.
    For example the B7 RS4 and R8 and various W12 engines:


  • New HEX Firmware Version 1.79
    Required for compatibility with the 6J Chassis Ibiza and also speeds up getting the Installation List in Auto-Scan and for the Installed tab of the Select Control Module screen by booting the interface in intelligent mode.    However, this means that HEX interfaces no longer boot in "dumb" mode and are no longer compatible with 3rd party applications, so the "Boot in Intelligent Mode" feature can be disabled on the Options screen in those cases where compatibility with a 3rd party application is required.

  • Supports Transport Mode on a number of new models
    Such as the R8, new Ibiza, facelift Touareg, facelift A6.

  • Improved Support for Coding of Slave Modules
    Correct coding information is now supplied to the Long Coding Helper and the master module's Workshop ID is used when coding is sent to the slave module in those instances where the slave module does not yet have a Workshop ID.

  • SRI Reset button moved to main screen. 
    It has swapped position with Control Module Finder because SRI Reset is used much more frequently.  In addition, the SRI Reset function has been optimized in a manner which we believe will eliminate compatibility problems previously reported on certain PCs.    [Save] and [Clear] buttons on the Control Module Finder screen are now functional.

  • Display EDC Mileage now works with many EDC16 ECUs. 

  • Support for Readiness on US Common-Rail TDI-140 Engines.

  • Support for Coding Suggestions on a number of new Airbag control modules.

  • Support for new South African CityGolf 1400 ECU.

  • Support for Non-Uniform Fault Code Subtypes
    In SAE/ISO "B" and "C" codes VW sometimes uses non-standard Subtypes which are now properly supported in VCDS with a new CODES.DAT file containing over 12,600 texts.

  • Optimized position of Session Log and Advanced Measuring Value select dialogs
    Based on user-selected window size and actual size of the PC's screen. 

  • Session Log Filename dialog now allows browsing and opening an existing file
    If a VIN is available, existing files are filtered for those containing the VIN.

  • Improvements in Generic OBD-II:
    Turbo Mode and No Wait for 2nd Controller for increased sample rate.
    - Compatibility with BMW models with newer Automatic Transmissions.
    - [Copy] and [Save] buttons now functional in Mode 1.

  • Installer Modified to work with Windows 7.

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Intelligent Interfaces (HEX, KEY and Micro-CAN).  

  • Works on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista.   Windows 95 is not supported.

  • Default installation location is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS-Beta\. If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 805.

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.

  • For controllers using the new UDS/ODX protocol, the following functions are supported:  Control Module ID (including Advanced ID), Coding, Security Access, Fault Codes, and Advanced Measuring Values.   Fault Codes and Advanced Measuring Values require a control module-specific "data dictionary" file.   If a data dictionary file is not available for a specific control module, VCDS will show an obvious error message, in which case you should contact Support@Ross-Tech.com.   We are still working on support for other diagnostic functions, but no timetable is available yet...


  • VCDS Beta 812 is no longer available for download.  Please use our current Release or Beta instead.

Current Beta   

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