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Current Beta

Important Note: Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before making a new Release.  This Beta in particular requires new firmware to be installed in HEX+CAN and Micro-CAN interfaces that, due to architectural constraints in these older interfaces means they will be incompatible with older versions of VCDS, including all current "Release" versions.  

Beta 16.3.0 includes the following improvements:

  • New Interface firmware
    ... for compatibility with MLB2 platform cars and to close a security vulnerability that an Hungarian university research team used to demonstrate a potential malware attack on cars. 

  • Turbo Mode and various optimizations for HEX-NET interfaces
    ... such as display of battery voltage at start and end of an Auto-Scan, display of latency when using a WiFi connection, etc.

  • Increased size of Auto-Scan COPY buffer.  

  • Optimized low-level timing routines and CPU core affinity
    ... for more reliable communications with older K-line control modules on PCs with modern CPUs.

  • Added Warnings when non-standard Options settings prevent communications with modules. 

  • Greatly expanded the amount of DTC Freeze-Frame data
    ... shown and deciphered on control modules using the UDS protocol.

  • New UDS Addresses
    ... for systems such as LT3 Lane Departure, LT3 Roof, and Rear Axle Steering 2

  • New ASAM (ROD file) dataset
    ... with support for control modules found in latest cars, new more stable location identifier for measuring values, and numerous other enhancements.

  • Improvements in Advanced Measuring Value Selection Window
    ... to more sensibly allocate space when that window is re-sized.  

  • Screen shot of new Advanced Measuring Value location identifiers:

Beta 16.3.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Addresses a problem with Micro-CAN firmware updates.
    ... If you don't have a Micro-CAN, you don't need to update from 16.3.0.

Beta 16.5.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Fixes for previously missing control modules in MLB and some MQB cars

  • Support for Six-Digit security access codes.

  • Additional chassis splits
    where VWAG uses the same chassis code in the VIN for cars that incompatible from a diagnostic standpoint

  • The CodingLog and AdpLog files are now CSV format
    for easier importing into Excel and better readability.

  • Yet another all-new UDS data set (DS 251).

  • New Label files (Data Version 20160506).

  • Lots of other small fixes and enhancements.

Beta 16.5.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Fixes for occasional communication errors with new HUC/uC firmware.

  • HEX-NET Turbo mode for CAN and other speed optimizations.

  • New Label files (Data Version 20160524).

Beta 16.6.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Fixes for certain UDS Adaptations that didn't previously work correctly.

  • New Label files (Data Version 20160602).

Beta 16.7.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Fixes for HEX+CAN communications with slaves, additional slaves and slave serial numbers.

  • Improved UDS mapping speed and reliability when subchannels are present; progress indicators.

  • UDS Measuring values maps now contain the new identifiers.

  • Fixed UDS measuring values when using subchannels and grouping requests.

  • Fixes missing ADP map subchannels when used with HEX+CAN

  • Fixes SRI reset in newer Crafter instruments

  • Fixes UDS Adaptation for text channels: can now enter shorter text and spaces

  • Ports HUC communication fixes to uCAN

  • Another all-new UDS data set (DS 254).

  • New Label files (Data Version 20160726).

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Ross-Tech's Intelligent Interfaces.

  • Default installation location is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS-Beta\
    If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 15.7,
    However, once you update the firmware in a HEX+CAN or Micro-CAN interface, it will not longer be compatible
    with older versions of VCDS! HEX-NET interfaces are not affected and remain fully backwards compatible with Release 15.7.

  • Works on Windows XP and newer, including Windows 10.
    Either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows are fully supported.  It might still work on Windows 2000 as well, but we no longer consider any version of Windows older than  XP "supported."

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.


Beta 16.X is no longer available for download.
All new features and improvements have been
incorporated into our Current Release.

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