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Frequently Asked Questions -- VCDS-Mobile
Note: This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be updated as we receive questions from users.

7.1  What is VCDS-Mobile?

VCDS-Mobile is diagnostic software for VW-Audi Group cars running in the HEX-NET interface. VCDS Mobile includes a web server in the interface and can be used with any device that has WiFi and a modern web browser.    VCDS-Mobile is not an "app" that runs on your mobile device.  

7.2  What do I need to use VCDS-Mobile?

You will need a HEX-NET Interface.

You will need some sort of computing device that can communicate via WiFi and has a reasonably modern web browser. This can be a smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, etc); it can be a tablet (iPad, Android, Windows RT tablet, etc); or it can be a laptop or desktop computer running  Linux, MacOS, or even Windows. ;-)

7.3  Is VCDS-Mobile easy to use?

Well, that depends. Unlike VCDS running on a Windows PC with a wired interface, using VCDS-Mobile requires some rudimentary knowledge of networking to get the HEX-NET interface communicating with whatever device you're using as well a finding it a way to access the the internet so it can communicate with the VCDS-Cloud server. However if you get past that hurdle and you've used VCDS, you'll find VCDS-Mobile to have a familiar look and and feel, and it should be just about as easy to use as VCDS is.

7.4  What can VCDS-Mobile do?

Well, that depends. VCDS-Mobile has two modes of operation, Stand-Alone and Cloud-Connected. In Stand-Alone mode, VCDS-Mobile can do Auto-Scans, read and clear fault codes, look at measuring values, and log data.  If it can communicate with the VCDS-Cloud server (and it's associated with an account on the server), it gains additional functionality and is able to do Adaptations, Basic Settings, Coding, Login/Security-Access, and so on.   Please understand that at the time of this writing VCDS-Mobile is a Beta product and we may have overlooked something.

7.5  Why won't VCDS-Mobile won't me show fault code text or measuring values?

On control modules that use the latest UDS/ODX protocol, it's not possible to interpret fault codes or show any meaningful measuring value data without a 'data dictionary' file specific to the control module in question. VCDS-Mobile will get download these from the Cloud server on an as-needed basis. Once it has downloaded the data for a specific module, that data will be cached (stored on-board) and will remain available even when VCDS-Mobile does not have a connection to the Cloud server.    The best way to ensure that VCDS-Mobile has the data available for the control modules in your car(s) is to do a complete Auto-Scan on any car(s) that you will be using VCDS-Mobile on, then manually check for updates.

7.6  How do I register my HEX-NET with the Cloud Server?

Right now, the only way to do that is to plug the HEX-NET into a car, access a control module in the car, click [Functions] and then [Cloud Functions]. If your interface is not yet associated with a Cloud account, the server will redirect you to a registration page, where you can either create a new account for it, or associate it with an existing account. The HEX-NET must be able to communicate with our server, i.e. it must have internet access when you do this.

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