Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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Current Beta   

Beta 702  includes the following new features:

  • Service Reminder Function.  
    Accessible via the Applications screen.   Gives an overview of all SRI-relevant Adaptation channels:

    New values can be entered by hand, or the user can select from a number of functions which will load standard value sets.

    Upon clicking [ Perform SRI ] the new values will be stored in the (often less than intuitive) sequence required.

    Note:  The Service Reminder Function requires supporting data in Label files.   Beta 702 ships with a fairly comprehensive set, but we doubt we've managed to cover every possible car.    If you encounter a car for on which the SRI function is not accessible, please send us a map of the adaptation channels from the instrument cluster in that car.

  • Support for Guided Readiness Scripts.  
    Accessible from the Readiness screen, this function will guide the user through the process of setting Readiness on those engines which support it.

    Note:  The Guided Readiness Scripts require supporting data in Label files.  Support in in the labels shipping with Beta 702.0 is very limited.   We hope to have most US-model engines covered before a non-Beta Release is made.    If you have a specific engine you would like to see covered and have a a written procedure for it, please contact us.

  • Optical Bus Diagnostics.  
    On models with a MOST bus, many control modules will be completely inaccessible via conventional diagnostics if there's a break in the MOST bus.   Here's an example of an A6 with a break in the MOST bus:

    Optical Bus Diagnostics (accessible from the Applications screen) can isolate the source of the problem:

    In this case, it's clear that the modules are all electrically OK, but the Optical bus is broken between the Sound System module and the Voice Control module.

  • Automatic Updates.
    If an internet connection is available, VAG-COM will notify the user when updates are available and will ask permission to download and install updates:

    Because we do not want to burden customers' PCs with a resource hogging update scheduler, VAG-COM will only check for updates when it is started and when the PC is rebooted.    We've tried to make this as unobtrusive as possible -- VAG-COM will not complain if there's no internet connection available -- you just won't get updates.
    Note:  Some 3rd-party firewall software may complain that VAG-COM is trying to access the internet -- if this happens you should either tell the firewall to allow it, or turn off Automatic Updates on the Options screen (see below):

  • Revised, Tabbed Options screen:


  • Battery Coding Assistant
    For cars which require a replacement battery to be coded in the 61-Battery Regulation module we have added this function:


  • Enhancements to Advanced Measuring Blocks
    The Advanced Measuring Blocks now include a [ Turbo ] button and the ability to save the list of selected items to a file and retrieve it later:


  • Revised Installer
    with USB driver pre-installation (on Windows 2000 and newer) and support for de-installation (via Add/Remove Programs).    

  • New USB drivers
    with full support for Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit). 

  • Updated Control Module Address Lists
    to accommodate new models.

  • Enhanced Compatibility
    with new models (Facelift Touareg, new 8J-chassis TT) and with several control modules which have firmware that exhibits "unusual" behavior.

  • Updated Label Files. 
    Continuing our quest to document stuff which VW no longer does.

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Intelligent Interfaces (HEX, KEY and Micro-CAN).  

  • Available only as a "full" build.   People still using Windows 95 or NT4 will have to wait for a "Legacy Windows" build which will be available with the non-beta Release.

  • HEX Interfaces require firmware version 1.78.   Update is automatic.  New firmware is not backwards compatible with older versions of VAG-COM.     Especially important for people using a version of VAG-COM translated into another language -- if you install and test this Beta, you may not have access your previous translated version until a new translation is released.

  • Default installation location is C:\ROSS-TECH\VAG-COM-BETA.   Windows Vista goes to great lengths to prevent programs from writing data files in the C:\Program Files\ tree and we do not wish scatter files in various locations on a user's PC, which would be necessary if we installed in \Program Files\ on Vista.

  • Screen-shots presented on this page were taken on a PC running Windows Vista.    The exact appearance of the screens will vary based on the version of Windows being used and the Theme selected in Windows.

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page apply to this version as well.


Beta 702 is no longer available for download.  
All features introduced in this version have been incorporated into Release 704.

Current Beta