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This function scans each controller in the vehicle to retrieve controller information -- VAG number, Component number, Soft. Coding, WSC, and Fault codes.

First, you must Select Chassis Type:
There are dozens of different control modules that exist across the entire range of VW/Audi vehicles. No one car has all Modules!  Newer cars have more, older cars have fewer. Because of this, you must select a Chassis Type that contains only those modules that are plausible for a given chassis. There are some exceptions but in general, the Chassis Type is the 7th and 8th digits of the VIN number. For example WAUZZZ9C36N111022 has 7th and 8th digits of 9C and is a "9C, VW New Beetle"
. For additional help determining chassis type, see our Vehicle Application Charts.

There is a file in the VCDS-Lite directory called AUTOSCAN.TXT, which contains all of the vehicle profiles. It can be edited by simply clicking on the hyperlink above the Chassis Type selection. This will open the file in your default Text editor (like Notepad) to create a custom profile for your vehicle. To help you figure out which controllers are in your car, you can run the Control Module Finder.

This begins the Auto-Scan. Beware; this process can take several minutes.

While the scan is running, VCDS-Lite will cycle through the Open Controller and Fault Code screens for each controller before returning to the Auto-Scan screen. On newer control modules which have different Hardware and Software part numbers, Auto-Scan includes the Hardware Part Number as shown in the screenshots..

Double-clicking on any of the Control Modules highlighted in RED will open the Fault Codes screen for that controller and allow you to clear the codes.

This stops the Auto-Scan.

Automatic VIN retrieval in Auto-Scan from all Immo-3 (and newer) cars.   VIN should be retrieved automatically from all cars which "know" their VIN.


The output from looks like this: autoscan-printout.html

[Copy Results]
If you close the Auto-Scan dialog, any data in its output box will be lost. If you would like to keep a record, click the [Copy Results] button first, then you can then paste the results into the application of your choice, such as MS Word or Notepad.

[Print Results]
This function sends the results to your printer.

[Clear Results]
This erases your results. This does NOT erase the fault codes from any of the controllers. You'll need to go into each controller to Clear Codes.

To return to the Main Screen, click [Close]


Shareware Limitation(s): 

  • The unregistered version of VCDS-Lite will scan a very limited number of control modules and then stop.


              Online Demo / Manual
- Autoscan