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                VCDS-Lite Form

VCDS-Lite Activation Request Form


  • This form can only be used if you're already registered with Ross-Tech!
    Ross-Tech does not sell anything on eBay, so if that's where you got your "System", click here to buy a license in our store.   Please do not waste your time or ours by filling out and submitting this form if you haven't registered previously.

  • Upgrades for licensed users of VAG-COM versions 311 or 409 are free if you're using VCDS-Lite on the same PC that you previously had a VAG-COM activation for.
    If you had VAG-COM activated on a different PC, please supply a valid de-activation code in the Notes and Special Instructions section of this form.

  • Activations for VCDS-Lite are permanent for a particular PC; you cannot de-activate. 
    Unlike the activations for older versions of our software, activations for VCDS-Lite will not become invalid if you reformat, re-install Windows, or even replace your hard drive. If you do any of these things, you do not need a new activation; simply re-use the one we previously sent you -- you did make a backup of it, didn't you?

  • We understand that PCs sometimes fail in a manner where it is not economically feasible to repair them, so we will allow ONE change of PCs per license.  Use it wisely!

Once you're read the above, please fill out this form:  

Your Full Name:

Company Name:

 E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number:

Address Line1:

Address Line2:



Zip/Postal code:


 VCDS-Lite Serial Number: 
from PC to be Activated.
Please use Copy & Paste!

Click here for complete instructions
(pages will open in a new windows)
  The following information is optional but appreciated:

Primary Car VCDS-Lite
will be used on:

Type of Computer 
and O/S:

Type of  Interface adapter 
you are using:

Notes or
Special Instructions

Response time:
  All activation requests
must be processed by a human being.  Assuming your data is correct and verifiable, your Activation should be sent to you via e-mail no later the end of the next business day.   Note: "end of day" can be late in the evening sometimes.


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                VCDS-Lite Form