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TDIGraph --  Version history

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.4c - June 12h, 2008:

  • Switch to Visual Studio 2008 - still builds with VS6

  • Integrated manifest when built under VS2008

  • New icon

  • Using alternate loadstring function to retain compatibility with MBCS stringtable

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.4 - June 27th, 2006:

  • Compatible with 2.5 TDIs

  • New data format for exchange with VAG-Com

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.3e - August 17th, 2004:

  • Rewrote resizing routines using ScreenToClient().

  • Now displays "too retarded to be plotted" when timing is at 000.

  • Smart determination of what the plotting area is, based on the engine type.

  • Removed (more) MFC bloat.

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.3c - October 12th, 2003:

  • Cleanup on the way the combo-box is moved/resized.

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.3b - August 22nd, 2003:

  • You can now check the timing of various other TDIs. Their timing data is included in the TDIGraph.cfg file, which is to be placed in the Scaling directory of VAG-Com. This new version and the configuration file are automatically installed by VAG-Com from Beta 308.0 and newer.

  • This implies most of the graphing routines had to be rewritten to take into account the different timing and temperature ranges.

  • The ListBox containing the engine type now enlarges when you need to change its content (improvement over the 1.3 released with VAG-Com Beta 308)

  • 1.3b fixes the bug where the vertical yellow line would go to the top instead of the bottom in 1.3a.

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.2 - June 23rd, 2003:

  • XP look and feel - see VAG-Scope 1.4a above.

  • By popular request, added a checkbox that allows you to consider an ECT of 80*C is warm enough. Do not check this unless it's very cold outside and you can't get your TDI to idle warmer than that.

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.1a - March 30, 2003:

  • Extracted all text message strings to string table in resource section to allow translation of EXE file into other languages using Resource Hacker

  • Fixed some bugs in 1.1..:-)

Changelog for TDIGraph 1.1 - March, 17th, 2003:

  • For cars with a jerky NLS signal, a "cloud" feature was implemented. If active, this feature allows you to see the range in which the signal is oscillating and make your decision based upon this.