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Recode or Long Coding Screen

Corresponds to VAG 1551/1552 function 07

Recode is used to set various options in a Control Module.


  • You should refer to the Factory Repair Manual for your particular car (or some other documented procedure) before attempting to Recode a Control Module.  At the very least, write down the original values.  There is no other way to "undo" or restore the original values if what you're trying to do doesn't work out.


  • Some Modules require a valid Login before you can re-code them.

  • A feature unique to VAG-COM:
    You can leave the
    Work Shop Code unchanged, or enter any workshop code you desire. Certain other programs always leave a tell-tale WSC when you re-code a module.

  • The Importer Number is only relevant for recoding controllers that use KWP-2000. By default, this will remain unchanged unless you have set up an Importer Number in the Options screen.

  • Up to 20 lines of coding chart data can be included in a Label File. This data is shown in a balloon on the coding screen (if VAG-COM is fully registered/activated).

VAG-COM can show coding "charts" when appropriate information is available in a Label File for the control module in question. If there is a chart, it will pop up as a balloon when you click on the Software Coding field:

When coding new Airbag Modules in many VW models, VAG-COM can "Suggest" an appropriate Coding value. This feature is available only when VAG-COM is used with one of our Professional Grade interfaces. Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the coding which VAG-COM may suggest will be correct, but there should be no harm in trying it. If it's not correct, the control module should simply refuse to accept it and the coding will remain at 00000.

In cases where VAG-COM would offer Airbag module coding suggestions but cannot determine the Index automatically, VAG-COM gives you the ability to manually enter an Index to get the suggested coding.

Long Coding. This function is needed to Code some control modules (especially Gateways) in the newest cars which use CAN for diagnostics.   Due to the complexity of Long Coding strings (up to 255 bytes of hexadecimal data) we've accommodated (and urge) the use of Copy & Paste in this function:

Coding of Slave Modules. On the latest cars, many "slave" modules are codeable. The coding screens (both regular and "long") now present a drop-list of available modules which can be selected for coding:

Battery Coding Assistant
For cars which require a replacement battery to be coded in the 61-Battery Regulation module we have added this function:

Long Coding Helper is used with applications such as Niels Ezerman's excellent LCode.exe (included with this distribution of VAG-COM):

Use the [Transfer Coding] button to send the coding from LCode to the New coding section of the Long Coding Screen,

Use the [Do It!] button in to save the new Soft Coding to the controller and return to the Open Controller Function screen.

Use the [Cancel] button to return to the Open Controller Function screen without saving.

Shareware Limitation(s): 

  • Coding charts and suggestions are not available in Shareware.

  • Airbag coding suggestions are only available with HEX Interfaces.

                Online Demo / Manual -
Recode or Long Coding Screen