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Measuring Blocks

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Corresponds to VAG 1551/1552 function 08

On this screen, you can read all sorts of data from the Control Module in real-time.

Use [Up] and [Dn] to scroll through the available groups (000 - 255 on most Control Modules).  Don't become discouraged when you find some that say "ERROR: Group xxx Not Available" or if you find some groups where the fields are all blank.  Most 1996 and newer ECU's have Groups through the 200 range, but there are often "gaps" in the numbers.

You can also type a Group number into the Group box and click [Go!]

Acceleration Measurement

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When you have one or more measuring group with speed (km/h) in it, clicking on [Acceleration] will bring up the Acceleration Measurement window, which allows you to enter start and stop speeds and distances. After entering the values you want to measure, click [Start] and do your testing. When complete, click on [Save] to save a copy of your results to your C:\Program Files\VAG-COM\Logs directory.

You can [Log] the data from the measuring blocks. For more information see the Data Logging page.

[Switch to Basic Settings] can be used to use the Basic Settings function for the Group that is currently being displayed.   This should be done only under guidance from the Service Manual or when following some other documented procedure.  For more information see the Basic Settings page.


  •  Multiple Groups are not permitted in Basic Settings.   The [Switch To Basic Settings] button is intentionally disabled if you have groups "running" in the second and third rows.  To stop a running group, click on the box that displays the group number (as though you wanted to enter a new number). The button is also disabled on controllers using KWP-2000. On those, you need to go directly to the Basic Settings screen.

  • The data presented in each Group varies greatly from Control Module to Control Module and between different models and years.   Some groups are documented in the Factory Repair Manuals, but many are not.  Feel free to explore the Control Modules in your car by scrolling through all the Groups.  You can't hurt anything with the Measuring Blocks function!

VAG-COM will attempt to "scale" the raw data coming from the Control Module into real-world units like degrees C, km/h, etc.  At the present time, all scaling conversions are to metric units. 

Note:  Group 000 and any other group that displays 10 fields instead of 4 is an exception.  No scaling is possible because the Control Module provides no "Data Type" information with the data for these. Groups of this type can only be displayed in the top row of the screen.

VAG-COM also tries to elaborate as much as possible what the data means. Unfortunately, the "Data Type" information coming from the Control Module is not that precise.   For example:  VAG-COM can tell that a particular field contains a Temperature, but the data from the Controller doesn't tell us whether this is the Coolant Temperature or the Intake Air Temperature.

To reduce the confusion, VAG-COM supports Label Files and will display the name of the Label File. The Label File name is displayed on the top left when you are in Measuring Blocks or Basic Settings. If you click on the name of the Label File, the file will open in Notepad or whatever program you have set to handle *LBL files. When a Label file for the Control Module you are looking at does not exist, VAG-COM will come up with an "educated guess" for what a particular Data Type means. The dealers' VAG-1551 and 1552 scan-tools do not provide any elaboration; they only show what�s in the display fields! For more information see the Label Files page.

Group 000 supports special Labels. Due to space constraints on the screen, these labels are displayed in a "balloon" when the user clicks on a field:

Label Files also allow a third label field to be defined for each of the normal measuring block fields.   This label is displayed in a balloon when the user clicks on the field.  The idea is to put "specified values" in this field:

Sample Rate: We can get just over 4.0 samples per second from our '97 VR6 ECU (single group) with  the the most aggressive protocol-timing settings. This ECU runs at 9600 baud. Most newer ECU's run at 10400 and should give proportionately more. Naturally, if two groups are being displayed simultaneously, the sample rate drops to around 2.0, and 3 groups simultaneously runs at around 1.3. Sample Rate will vary from controller to controller and the PC used will also have some effect.

Some controllers (particularly AG4 transmissions and Digifant-III ECU's) use a "hybrid" data-type that requires reading a long header when changing group numbers. Viewing multiple groups still works with these data types, but the sample rate becomes extremely slow.  If you see "Reading Header" all the time under the Sample Rate display, you'll know you've got one of these.

In Engine controllers using KWP-2000, there is a [Turbo] button in Measuring Blocks screen. Pressing this button can significantly speed up sampling, for example over 30 samples per second when logging a single group in our Touareg. Once you have pressed [Turbo] you will remain in this High-Speed mode until you exit the Measuring Blocks screen. This function is only available when using a HEX Interface.

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[VAG-Scope] is a plug-in for VAG-COM that allows you to graph Measuring Group Information and display customizable virtual gauges.  For more information, see the VAG-Scope page.

Use [Done, Go Back] to return to the Controller Information screen.

Note: You may also want to try the Advanced Measuring Blocks function, which frees you from the grouping format of the Measuring Blocks function.

If you wish to observe real-time data while driving the car, please use a second person!   Let one drive while the other observes the data, making sure the person holding the PC is not in front of an active airbag!  

Shareware Limitation(s): 

  • You can only view groups 001-025. Groups 000 and 026-255 are blocked

  • The [Switch to Basic Settings] button is blocked.

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