Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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Transport Mode
On vehicles using CAN for diagnostics, there is a special Transport Mode that is used by the factory to put the cars into a "sleep" to conserve battery charge during long periods of inactivity.

[Activate Transport Mode]
Clicking this button will put applicable vehicles into Transport Mode, shutting down most systems.

[De-activate Transport Mode]
Clicking this button will "wake up" applicable vehicles from Transport Mode, powering up most system.

Check for and erase faults

[Gateway Installation List]
Only available only on Gateways in cars using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics (like the new A8 and all Golf-5 chassis cars).  This very fast function takes about 3 seconds to query the car's Gateway to find out what modules are installed in the car and what their status is.   Any modules having fault codes should show a "Malfunction".    Modules are directly accessible from this screen by double clicking on the appropriate line.   The following screen-shot is from a Golf-5 in Europe:

[Erase All DTCs] 
On vehicles using CAN for diagnostics, VAG-COM performs this function without accessing all the control modules individually.

[Controller Channels Map] 
Rapidly scans through all 255 possible Measuring Block groups or Adaptation Channels on any ECU and writes a "map" file.   Output is your choice of .CSV  or .PLB ("Prototype Label, Blocks").   Useful for creating new label files or taking a "snapshot" of all available data from an ECU.

[EDC-15 Mileage]  On some (but by no means all) TDI ECUs, VAG-COM can show an independent "odometer" reading stored in the ECU. EDC-15 is found in some 2000 and newer engines but is NOT used in US-market Mk4 PD engines nor is it used in the newest vehicles that use CAN-Bus diagnostics like the Mk5 Jetta TDI. This can useful as a means of cross-checking the mileage on used car at time of purchase, particularly in Europe where odometer fraud is rampant. We plan to extend this functionality to as many ECUs as practical in the future.

[SRI Reset] 
Gives an overview of all SRI-relevant Adaptation channels:

New values can be entered by hand, or the user can select from a number of functions which will load standard value sets.

Upon clicking [ Perform SRI ] the new values will be stored in the (often less than intuitive) sequence required.

Note:  The Service Reminder Function requires supporting data in Label files.   Release 704 ships with a fairly comprehensive set, but we doubt we've managed to cover every possible car.    If you encounter a car for on which the SRI function is not accessible, please send us a map of the adaptation channels from the instrument cluster in that car.

[Optical Bus Diagnostics] 
On models with a MOST bus, many control modules will be completely inaccessible via conventional diagnostics if there's a break in the MOST bus.   Here's an example of an A6 with a break in the MOST bus:

Optical Bus Diagnostics (accessible from the Applications screen) can isolate the source of the problem:

In this case, it's clear that the modules are all electrically OK, but the Optical bus is broken between the Sound System module and the Voice Control module.

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Shareware Limitation(s):  Not available in Shareware mode.

                Online Demo / Manual - Applications Screen