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VC-Scope --  Version history


Changelog for VCScope 1.9e - August 5, 2008:

  • Fixed Lambda to A/F calculation

Changelog for VCScope 1.9d - June 12, 2008:

  • Switch to Visual Studio 2008 - still builds with VS6

  • Integrated manifest when built under VS2008

  • New icon

  • Using alternate loadstring function to retain compatibility with MBCS stringtable

  • New name conforming to the VCDS name change

Changelog for VagScope 1.9 - June 27, 2006:

  • Compatible with the new data format from VAG-Com (needed for advanced measuring blocks)

Changelog for VagScope 1.8a - October 27, 2005:

  • Compatible with the OBD2 mode in VAG-Com.

  • Version 1.8 would not replay OBD2 logfiles; fixed in 1.8a.

Changelog for VagScope 1.7a - August 17, 2004:

  • Lambda to A/F checkboxes appeared even when the display group was not "authorized"

  • More "authorized" groups.

Changelog for VagScope 1.7 - June 21, 2004:

  • Lambda to A/F ratio converter when appropriate data is sent by VAG-Com (A/F checkbox appears next to the value in this case)

  • Rewritten the resizing routines, should eliminate display bugs when intensively resizing the app :-)

  • Virtual gauges now display the max value. You can disable and reset this option via the gauge context menu (right click).

  • Rice mode (accessible via the virtual gauge context menu) makes the gauge white-faced

  • Little scrolling text notifying the user where to click for preferences at startup

  • MFC bloat ripped out (yeah, some more).

Changelog for VagScope 1.6 - Nov 20, 2003:

  • Bloat reduction: ripped out MFC code we don't need. 12kB saved on the size of the executable.

  • Now able to import logfiles containing block 000 data: a feature introduced with VAG-Com 311. Block 000 in live data mode has been supported since 1.2

  • Gauges available for block 000, they tell you which field they plot.

  • A couple more localizable strings

Changelog for VagScope 1.5b - Oct 12, 2003:

  • Big work on localization: all strings are now in a string table. This makes the translation much easier.

  • Hardcoded default units with their minima and maxima, in case the default.cfg file is missing. This will allow us not to include this file in forthcoming VAG-Com releases, which will prevent overwriting a user-modified default.cfg.

Changelog for VagScope 1.5a - Sept 29, 2003:

  • Mileage (mpg and L/100km) gauges are available whenever speed (km/h) and fuel consumption(L/h) readings are displayed in VAG-Scope. Two separate buttons with then appear on the left. Click the one you want (Mileage for mpg, Consumption for L/100km) or both and the gauge(s) will appear.

  • You can set the maxima for both units as well as a moving average in the preferences.

  • The labels are now copied into the gauge titles.

  • The gauge face and tick colors are now also customizable (this allows whitefaced gauges).

Changelog for VagScope 1.5 - Sept 19, 2003:

  • Gauges added by Rich Herzog.

Changelog for VagScope 1.4a - June, 23rd, 2003:

  • Fixed a bug with logfiles not starting at 0.00s. VAG-Scope would wait whatever time there was between 0.00 and the actual start time.

  • XP look and feel. Just add the manifest file that's included with the source in the same directory as VAG-Scope, and if you're running XP you'll be entitled to a new look.

Changelog for VagScope 1.4 - March, 28th, 2003:

  • VAG-Scope is now resizable. It will remember its size when closed. I also enabled the maximize control.

  • The resource file has been cleaned up and sorted

  • New prefs.cfg format. Now easier to read, parse and adding options is not an headache anymore. VAG-Scope will however recognize your previous settings
    and save them with the new format. Yes, I made it backward compatible!

  • You can now set the plot thickness in the options (special feature for Andy!)

  • Added a rewind function: when a logfile ended or has been interrupted, you are now able to rewind it and just press the play button, instead of having to completely reload the file.

Changelog for VagScope 1.3a - March, 21st, 2003:

  • Fixed a bug that would make VAG-Scope stop on some long fields
    like "Oil Pr. 2 <min>".

  • The strings are now all in the same place, which will make it easier to translate provided you want to rebuild it.

Changelog for VagScope 1.3 - March, 16th, 2003:

  • VAG-Scope now graphs group 000 (ten blocks of data between 0 and 255)

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2 that would make it stop on some long data blocks

  • Code is now optimized for a Pentium processor, as opposed to
     Pentium Pro/486/Blend, since our min requirement is a Pentium 100Mhz

  • Fixed the diving/rising curves when changing groups. Now the plot starts with an actual value.

  • Using tick counts instead of sleep to create a delay. As a result, the time after which the IPC is considered broken is more consistent.

Changelog for VagScope 1.2a - March, 1st, 2003:

  • Now deleting MB-PIPE.TXT before closing to prevent a crash when twisted minds run vag-scope from vag-com, close vag-scope and run it again using the explorer with vag-com still running. Yes, some people did it!

Changelog for VagScope 1.2 - February, 4th, 2003:

  • Massive changes in the parsing routine, in order to "support" (well, parse correctly) the 000-type (10 fields) measuring blocks. VAG-COM now sends these entirely, whereas they were previously marked as empty. This was necessary for the "TDIGraph" timing checker.

  • The "PixelShift" string is now in the string table, so that translators can do their job just hacking the resources.

Changelog for VagScope 1.1 - December, 15th, 2002:

  • Now only the min/max values of the existing MB are displayed

  • I realized you can set a min scaling above a max scaling and it works! The curves are upside down. Whether it's useful or not...

  • Now the active row/col for rescaling doesn't go back to 0,0 when you change a scaling value in another row/col

  • Ripped out some more things from the redraw routine, should be a bit faster.

  • Display the units of the min/max values. If you'd rather save the space for the graph itself, unselect it in the preferences.

  • You can also choose whether you want the zeros displayed for the min values.


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