Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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Current Beta   

Beta 606  includes the following new features:

  • Advanced Measuring Blocks Function.   Lets you select up to 12 measuring values from as many as 12 different groups from a selection dialog that shows the contents of the measuring values.   This function is available only when a label file exists for the control module being accessed.

    Note:  The screen shot has been resized to fit this page.  Although this function can be used at 640x480,
    a somewhat higher screen-resolution is better. 

  • Freeze-Frame Data shown In-Line.   On newer control modules where Freeze-Frame data is available in the native VAG protocols, it's shown in-line with the DTCs -- both on the regular DTC screen and in the Auto-Scan results.  In either case, this feature can be toggled off with a check box.


  • DTCs indicate whether the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is on as a result of this DTC.   On newer control modules where this information is available, VAG-COM will show whether a DTC has caused the MIL to be on.


  • Automatic Detection of Installed Modules in Auto-Scan.   On newer cars which have a fully CAN-based diagnostic system, VAG-COM can automatically determine which modules are installed in a particular car and perform an Auto-Scan of exactly those modules.   This can make the Auto-Scan considerably faster.


  •  Auto-Scan includes Hardware Part Numbers.   On newer control modules which have different Hardware and Software part numbers, Auto-Scan now includes the Hardware Part Number.   See screen-shot above.

  • Supported Codes function.   On the latest control modules which have this capability, VAG-COM can show all DTC and Failure Mode combinations which a control module is capable of detecting, including the current status of each.


  • EDC-15+ Mileage.    On some (but by no means all) TDI ECUs, VAG-COM can show an independent "odometer" reading stored in the ECU.     This can useful as a means of cross-checking the mileage on used car at time of purchase, particularly in Europe where odometer fraud is rampant.    We plan to extend this functionality to as many ECUs as practical in the future.     Access this function from the Applications screen.


  • Automatic Acceleration Measurements -- Performance Calculator.   0 to 60, 1/4 mile, etc.  
    Run Measuring blocks, find a group with road speed in km/h, click the [Acceleration] button, click the [Start] button.  Data can be saved for additional analysis as well.    Access this function by going to measuring blocks and finding a group with vehicle speed in km/h -- an [Acceleration] button will appear.   For other brands of cars, it's also available in generic OBD-II, use Mode 1 and select  PID 13. 


  • Regular and Long Coding functions combined into one screen.   This obsoletes the need for an annoying "Regular or Long" coding selection dialog when coding Master/Slave groups that use both types of coding.

  • New version 1.9 VAG-Scope compatible with Advanced Measuring Blocks.   Due to changes in format of the data, this version of VAG-Scope is not backwards compatible with older versions of VAG-COM, nor can older versions of VAG-Scope be used with this version of VAG-COM.

  • New version 1.4 TDI-Graph compatible with V6 TDIs.

  • Support for separate labels for Basic Settings.   Useful on control modules where a particular group has completely different data when in Basic Settings than in Measuring Blocks where there was no way to show the correct descriptions for the data in Basic Settings.

  • New Measuring Block Formulas.   For compatibility with the latest control modules.

  • New Control Module Addresses.   For compatibility with new car models being introduced.

  • Updated Label Files.  Continuing our quest to document stuff which VW no longer does.

  • Compatible with all the latest models.  VW Eos, Audi Q7, new Allroad, etc.

  • Generic OBD-II now includes Info Types 08 and 0A in Mode 9.

  • New, more informative Installer.  Produces a slightly smaller download.

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Intelligent Interfaces (HEX or KEY series, plus the upcoming micro-CAN).  

  • Available only as a -UD build.   People still using Windows 95 or NT4 will have to wait for a full release.

  • HEX Interfaces require firmware version 1.65.   Update is automatic.  New firmware is backwards compatible with older versions of VAG-COM.

  • Default installation location is C:\VAG-COM-BetaWill not overwrite (and can co-exist with) a full Release version which normally installs in C:\Program Files\VAG-COM.  

  • The Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, and Instructions posted on our main download page
    apply to this version as well.


Beta 606 is no longer available for download.  
All features introduced in this version have been incorporated into Release 607.


Current Beta