Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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Current Beta   

Beta 505.1 includes the following new features:

  • Selective Output Tests.   On those modules which support it, this is a more sophisticated version of the traditional (sequential) Output Test function.   It allows the user to select a particular output and activate it directly without going through a pre-defined sequence to get there.   Some modules have outputs which can only be tested this way.   Selective Output tests requires supporting data in a label file.   There is no way to efficiently query a control module to find out which outputs this are supported.   


  • Long Adaptations.  Used/needed (for example) to balance the fuel injectors on Common-Rail TDI engines such as the BKN.


  • Measuring Blocks "Map" function.  Accessible via Applications Menu.   Rapidly scans through all 255 possible measuring block groups on any ECU and writes a "map" file.   Output is your choice of .CSV  or .PLB ("Prototype Label, Blocks").   Useful for creating label files and taking a "snapshot" of all available data from an ECU.


  • Revised Options Screen with parameters grouped more logically:

  • Buttons for several new Control Module Addresses.   To match address list in latest VAS software.

  • Transport Mode ON/OFF function now supports 4F chassis A6 (but is not thoroughly tested yet).

  • Label Balloons for Login/Coding II and Security Access.   Works much like balloons for Coding.  See new TEMPLATE.LBL file for details.

  • Supports labels for Adaptation channels 000 and 100-255.

  • Automatic VIN retrieval in Auto-Scan from all Immo-3 (and newer) cars.   VIN should now be retrieved automatically from all cars which "know" their VIN.

  • Increased length of file names allowed in redirections from ~20 to ~32 characters.

  • Enhanced Label file search so that a failed redirection in the OEM or USER folder does not prevent continued searching in the remaining folders.

  • Fixed Mode 9, Type 6 in Generic OBD.  This did not work properly in version 504 on some control modules using the older ISO 9141-2 protocol.

  • Fixed bug in OBD Mode 7 which caused switch to Mode 3 when checking or toggling "Convert manufacturer-specfic codes to VAG codes".

  • Fix for "String Too Long" error seen on some control modules with buggy firmware.

  • Fix for problem where first measuring block group stopped running when focus was put on another application, then returned to VAG-COM.

  • Supports AutoBaud and improved protocol timing on KEY-series interfaces with firmware version 2.10 and higher.    Since KEY series interfaces do not have field upgradeable firmware, interfaces with firmware versions below 2.10 are unaffected.

  • Specified Value balloon in Measuring Blocks now appear when cursor hovers over the field, clicking is not necessary.

  • New USB Drivers with incremental improvements.   To install them, Right-Click on VAGUSB.INF and select "Install".    A reboot may be needed if the old drivers have already been loaded.  

Beta 505.2 adds:

  • The ability to manually enter an Index when coding Airbag modules in case where VAG-COM would offer coding suggestions but cannot determine the Index automatically.

  • Coding suggestions for 3C0 (new Passat) airbag modules.

  • Fixed bug in 505.1 which caused a communications error when reading fault codes from certain brand-new control modules when doing an Auto-Scan.     Fault codes were read without problems in 505.1 when these modules were accessed individually.

  • Fixed problem with 'C' key clearing the New Value field when performing Long (alphanumeric) Adaptations.    This problem was a result of our too-faithful VAG-1551/1552 keypad emulation where 'C' clears input fields.  

  • The Bypass CAN Init checkbox on the Options screen now applies to generic OBD-II sessions as well as native VAG.   

  • Accepts addition protocol keywords for generic OBD-II using the ISO 9141-2 protocol.

Beta 506.0 adds:

  • Transport Mode ON/OFF for 3C-Chassis (B6 platform) Passat.

Release Notes:

  • Works only with Intelligent Interfaces (HEX or KEY series).  

  • Available only as a -UD build.   People using Windows 95 or NT4 will have to wait for a full release.

  • HEX Interfaces require firmware version 1.43.   Update is automatic.


Beta 506 is no longer available for download.  
All features introduced in this version have been incorporated into Release 512.


Current Beta