Diagnostic Software for VW-Audi Group Cars

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Ross-Tech's no-nonsense Privacy Policy:

It is our policy to keep all information about our customers strictly confidential.  We will not give out any customer information to anyone without the customer's prior consent unless required by law.


  • If you send us e-mail with a question or point of information that we consider to be of general interest, we reserve the right to quote your e-mail on the VAG-COM Discussion Group and/or on our website.    In that case, we will endeavor to remove your name, your e-mail address and any other information that could be used to identify you.   We  will generally refer to you as "A Customer".    This may result in you being quoted without proper attribution.  If you wish something you write to be attributed to you, please say so.   

  • We will cooperate fully with any investigation of possible payment fraud. 

VAG-COM user Anthony Dowd has a GTI-VR6.
No boost.  No nitrous.  Just 2.8 liters.
11.93 seconds at 111.7 mph
Name and photo used with Anthony's permission..:-)

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